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This 5 "1 Bollywood actress in Kolkata, was born January 24, 1981 in India. It belongs to a famous family clan of West Bengal. And 'Suchitra Sen, a legend of Bengali cinema, Moon Moon Sen's daughter and granddaughter a former actress. Before going to Mumbai, but her sister Raima Sen is also his parents, the actress in Kolkata, and lived. Mr. Her father Bharat Varma belongs to the illustrious royal family Tripura developers. Iradebi his grandmother, his sister Cooch Behar is a Gayatoridebi Maharani of Jaipur, was the princess. And 'well-known Tamil film directed by Bharati Raja "Taj Mahal" to this beautiful woman in front of the camera, one is back to 15 years in the first arc lamp. flowering and began his acting career. His first film in Bollywood, is Hamesha, who was in love with Akshay Khanna is the opposite. It was his style of comedy that it took to succeed from time to time.

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