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Film: 'Kites'; Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, Kangana Ranaut, Kabir Bedi, Nick Brown; Director: Anurag Basu; Music: Rajesh Roshan; Producer : Rakesh Roshan
Friends. Get ready to enjoy Mexican snacks spicy Indian curry. They have an explosive mixture? Now they had to do. Dragons, known as the first source Crossover Indian film to a global audience, high dive, climb and give your space, with its devastating climax.

Well, not a movie for connoisseurs, or go to the Joe Average Film Festival. It is not just a piece of avant-garde. But wait! It is 2 hours and 20 minutes, slides to mount the board a place full of impressive visual effects, offers romantic moments in law enforcement of thrilling action, without stopping, and, of course, both players are good, and Hrithik Roshan Barbara Mori at the center of everything.

The core, Dragon "is a love story. This J (Hrithik Roshan), a little thief of time in Las Vegas to play the love games with super-rich (Kangana Ranaut) super-rich part of his family, including the parent of a casino owner (Kabir Bedi Gina) domineering mother and his brother Tony (Nicholas Braun).



Among the other player, Natasha (Barbara Mori), a Mexican illegal immigrant in Las Vegas, the game with Tony.

J level, and you get rich guide Natasha seemed successful until it collapsed. Two arms with dreams of wealth. It 'a struggle between love and money. However, the choice of love, may Natasha, J, and not just the wealth of shock for them, they can earn the hostility of his father and brother, Gene, Tony, anyone, Natasha J and kill again.

So crazy for lovers on the run, and not just with Tony, but police and hunting along the route.

The real strength of "Wings" is not in its history, but also in bloom, as director Anurag Basu is on the screen. General History of Valentine's Day becomes a fugitive in "Thelma and Louise" type "of adrenaline stimulation Road Trip, loot the love duet of the bank, cheat death to escape the police and avid biker gangs smuggling in Mexico. And all action and explosions, this beer sweet romance between the Indian and dizziness Hustler Mexico, although not knowing another language. All this talk of non-linearity Basu never tried to follow the conventions and dirt, and all sequences sense when viewed in its entirety.


A job well done, of course, but as a writer wants more meat in the second half of the story if the film is a game of cat and mouse with Abbas Mastan meets Rohit Shetty is a form of hunting, traffic accidents and explosions.

Hrithik Roshan has never been so hot with the screen, and should play a role. Note: the weather is nice to have the naked soul between him and Barbara, when he talks about the day her mother died. His dance and acrobatics to look and think. And his chemistry with Barbara just smiled. He too smiled and waves in Mexico to speak for most of his newspaper, see Barbara shows high quality in many scenes, such as bank robbery or the train station. Nick Brown, with just a bad Kangana Ranaut hardly write a paper.


"Dragon" was not the same, but the camera has Ayananka Bose. Casino in Las Vegas and the arid desert of Mexico began, camera Bose beauty of each image. Cascade perfectly executed, would be the best of all, like a train Hrithik hop. The music is bad.

Shortcomings aside, the spirit of "dragon", as you gain more. continued efforts, romance and drama takes place at a pace that only give you a moment of reflection inside Well, you see. This is not a groundbreaking work. But it's definitely fun while it lasts.




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