Lastest Yana Gupta Photos - Unseen Photoshoot Showing 18+-blackplanet

Lastest Yana Gupta Photos - Unseen Photoshoot Showing 18+-blackplanet

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This model was on his way to India, Czechoslovakia, fell in love with an artist in Pune Satyakama Gupta (MET-factor), and married. His birthday (born 1979) received the last name after marriage and Synkov. He spent his childhood in Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, Yana Gupta has always dreamed of achieving remote beaches and explore new worlds. He met a dream, building a reputation as a model in Europe and Japan, to fame and money to be had.
Yana went to Milan, and residence during the two months, is it a model for some of the biggest names in haute couture, and then in Vienna, Paris, Monaco, Hamburg and Prague to clients such as Calvin Klein and Victoria's Secret, Nivea and Shiseido. "I was very impressed in Europe. Actually, he wanted to travel and learn new things only, "he says, a thick English accent.

After studying architecture, parks and gardens, at the age of 19 years, Yana bags in Japan, where he was almost two years, modeling, to cosmetics (Shuemura, Shisha, Nivea, Rexona) and Toyota, Honda and Sony, a few at . call
After arriving in India on vacation, where she and her former husband Satyakama Gupta. He also appeared in many covers Lakme Elle, Cosmopolitan and Femina. on the cover of the world for the production of a man called in the world. Yana Gupta Premier King Fisher Model plan and perform dance numbers in three films like Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo remix.
Garcia made his debut in Bollywood screen "Dum" music video "Babuji, called the section numbers. His recent performances have been in Tamil film cameo numbers. They are:

Dum * Film "music video" Babuji
* Film Manmadhan - Song thath thath
Remo Anniyan Movie * - Song
* Telugu film Gharshana - Song
Kannada Movie * - "Yoga"
He is the face of Lakme cosmetics in 2001 and replaces the former model Lisa Ray. Yana Gupta already mermaid video Biddu, RZTŒM MTV and the advertising and design Lakmé occurred. In addition to his native Czech Republic, "says Spanish, Japanese, English, and he is now teaching Hindi to get more roles in Bollywood. It is also a vegetarian and PETA member and sits on his campaign. He also appeared in Kannada movie called 'Yoga'. And now the role of TV presenter mIRC Countdown Masala "Dance ZoomTV famous dance numbers.

Eating right and sufficient sleep is the secret of the beauty of your skin glow. Their food includes fruits, vegetables and juices% u2013 one of his favorites is carrot juice, and sugar beet. Yana Gupta is very South Indian dishes. Yana Gupta also applys honey on the lips.
Yana Gupta believes in daily use. Exercise is a concentrated form of exercise, the repetition of the same movements over and over again, so that the whole body or certain parts of the body is stronger and more flexible. 01.30 clock work every day, except when traveling or working one day. Still, to reduce the time per year.
% U2019 Time Hippocrates, doctors know that exercise is the best medicine to keep your body healthy. Your body needs for continued growth and recovery in order to survive and thrive. A consistent exercise program that conditions your body to work more effectively. This is not only muscles but also in chemistry and nervous system u2013system% of the body surface. Performance of the whole body and individual parts of the body to promote growth and regeneration of tissue. It also promotes blood circulation and fluid balance. Institute, to prevent a passive, blood and fluid on the natural flow and the pool, the development of bacteria and other waste storage is possible. and subject it to an inactive muscles weaken bones, and cracks. Without the support, infrastructure,% u2013% u2019s the body, skin, bone, muscles and tendons, the size, to produce and compress it began under the influence of gravity. Compression can be felt in the form of pinched nerves and send pain signals to his brain.
Now it is the intention of the music album, and write, compose and start singing. All songs are in English and does not accept other offers as long as it takes place in this project.

Yana Gupta and Gupta Satyakama officially on 18 Separated in May 2005, after almost four years of marriage. Yana Gupta is a message on his personal website ( u201CI sorry, my husband and I decided to distinguish Satyakama. The reasons are too personal to discuss publicly. % U201D and now is Yana and Aftab, whose films have not succeeded, reports but his name was on many beautiful faces, Kirti Reddy, Lara Dutta and Shetty Shamir are connected!.

Yana Gupta Aaftab Shivdasani is off.
"I'm always the acupuncture needles in his trunk and can help people," said Yana Gupta. She likes a coffee in South India. Yana Gupta, although it never became a Bollywood hero, are carved in practice, their numbers and cameos in memory of Everon.
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