Isabel Kaif MMS Clip Goes Viral-blackplanet

Isabel Kaif MMS Clip Goes Viral-blackplanet
Isabel Kaif Sister Katrina Kaif will be the place name in the coming hours. The video shows the MMS Isabel Kaif with Sex 10 minutes went viral Online.
We managed to get a sample video from Rapidshare. This video has been true on YouTube was blocked for a minute, but there are still scenes in circulation on the web. For ethical reasons, we do not agree, we got to see the video here! Those who are interested in viewing and download video, just Google.

After seeing the video, which is about 10 minutes, we can conclude that the girl in the movie, and S * x is similar to Isabel Kaif. In fact, she does not like Katrina Kaif on some negative aspects swimming. However, it can also be similar. While Katrina Kaif has no official statement on the damage of his sister in the video network to spread.

MMS scandal may also have an impact on his career star.We mobile phone providers' ll update this story when there is a formal statement in this video from the network.

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