Chance Pe Dance 1/3 DVDrip Xvid AC3| (2010) | (RS) (SS) (MU)-blackplanet

Chance Pe Dance 1/3 DVDrip Xvid AC3| (2010) | (RS) (SS) (MU)-blackplanet

Chance Pe Dance Movies UTV Movies, January 15, 2010 introduced in Indian cinema. Chance Pe Dance next Hindi film by Ken Ghosh. Chance Pe Dance is a normal way of life of a passionate man who carries a great honor for himself.

Chance Pe Dance Cast:

Shahid Kapoor as Sameer:

Sameer young, passionate and positive with lots of energy. He was very industrious and naive in his desire to become an actor. He faces many obstacles in his life a chance Pe Dance. But the struggle has not lost his heart. He was always willing to help those in need - sometimes at the risk of their dreams.

The sweet D Souza ', as Tina:

Tina hot young woman, beautiful, and responsible Chance Pe Dance. Tina is strong in his principles and convictions. She refuses to compromise in any situation. He is one of the most important support systems for Sameer.

Chance Pe Dance first Hindi film producer Ronnie Screwvala and directed by Ken Ghosh. Music of Chance Pe Dance Film Hindi as Sandeep Shirodkar and Adnan Sami. Authors can dance EP Bollywood film is Irfan Siddique, and Amitabh Bhattacharya. The film is presented kinoidustriyu UTV Bindass.

Chance Pe Dance Movie Synopsis:

Chance Pe Dance film revolves around the character of Sameer, a boy who is passionate about his career and fame. This is really a man with strong creative and innovative ideas.

Sameer through various types of work during his struggle. He is fighting for a chance in films as an actor in a movie download Chance Pe Dance. Samir has the money to pay the rent. He hates children, but ultimately survive his life he began to teach the different types of dances for children. Now we begin to live in his old car useless and Sheki. During his fight, he meets Tina Pe dance Luck.

Sameer teach these children who have never won a dance contest. Children are not interested in dance. On the other hand, the manager decides to find the hero of the war for talent. The director has already promised to give a chance Sameer in his film. Sameer now considers part of his girlfriend and children hunting for talent.

Samir finally appears as the winner of talent hunt Chance Pe Dance. He gets the opportunity in the film industry. His dream was not easy, but responds with his passion and fight. Sameer passion as rocket movie Ranbeer Kapur Singh.


In general, the probability Pe of dance film about a boy who cares about his goal and his career. Story Of Chance Pe Dance is very vague. Viewers will have the movies - comedy, action, dance, music, and heroic success.

Chance Pe Dance presented a film of a banner Kaminey. The public before January 15, 2010 waiting for the next film on the case Pe Dance Film in Hindi. The film will introduce the most important aspects and skills of hunting. Chance Pe Dance Film passion among the young generation to the profession and the purpose of life. The film tells the boy travel enthusiast recognizes the greatest achievement in his life of devotion and struggle.

Credit goes to the orignal ripper:- DUS

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