Paa (2009) DVDRip - AC3 - XVID [ Mediafire ]-blackplanet

Paa (2009) DVDRip - AC3 - XVID [ Mediafire ]-blackplanet
Paa (Dad) ... Father and son shifts.

The end of 2009, while the film is a great movie.

Name and Paa (Dad) ...

Father son ami ahbiswek batchanyi Scorpii batchanui the father role.

12 years old, but it took me to the mysterious uber-old man abandoned his son.


The story revolves mainly around the 13-year-old boy "Auro", the Ambitabh played by Bachchan. Auro added called this rare genetic disease progeria. Progeria is a synonym of accelerated aging. Does not lose a family drama that fans of movies.

The world can not wait for the show "rare", movie reviews Paa. Paa ordinary film or film history. Paa is a proposed Bollywood film, which has received recognition throughout the world. After the success of the film Slumdog Millionaire, so in fact, has become the attention of moviegoers.

It was basically one of the remarkable results of the year. It would certainly touch the hearts of the public, will bring tears to the eyes, but at the same time to draw a smile on his face.



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