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The story is written only for Rajini .. Being a fan Rajini ARR and treatment of a great for me .. ARR is a fan of Rajini .. Thanks to Shankar who bought the best of them. Shanker really thought bout script public and also good .. Rajini is quite old, but still WOT it takes to be a superstar! There are three types of Rajini .. who worked hard! Athiradee is Kaaran the song of the decade! Say!

I thought it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. waste of time and money. I was eager to relay it cuz the songs were amazing, of course. picturisation thought the music was good, especially for vaaji vaaji Sahana and Sarala. WTF BT increased with the plot? ... I think if and how Rajini screams acting in concert with a person younger than his daughter OK horrible. Both have responsibilities, the game was mediocre. History wouldve been nice if it had been well served by BT sorry to say that it was not. I give Sivaji 2 out of 5 stars. deserves at least 2 on the music incredible. If UU Rajini fans think its OK. Not them, but this does not mean I like some of his films like Chandramukhi. They try to keep an open mind. Wat tell the objective truth. I hope this helps

Rajnikant in a still from the Telugu movie Sivaji The Boss. (BCCL Photo)
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