Bollywood hotties and "sex"-blackplanet

Bollywood hotties and "sex"-blackplanet

"Sexy" is not a dirty word in B-Town more. Not with the queen of the sector has moved her way through this and get a list of "Who's the best of them all?" "Sexy" has given a new meaning. This is what our Bollywood Hotties for its determination.

Kareena Kapoor, one of the most charming actresses of tinsel town celebrates the label as a compliment. "I think it is beautiful and sexy, of course, a compliment," he told DNA.

For Katrina Kaif, the sexiest woman in the interests of recent polls, the word "sexy", he said, adding that the nature of it. "Sexy is a word that is very interesting for me. This package overall. He welcomed and attractive, and the font that is displayed on the screen. In India, people are real sexy woman."

Deepika Padukone, who ruled the hearts of fans with her new sexuality add glow and "simple." This is something that seems natural. The trust also allows the woman to feel sexual and feel. Do not try something, or how they show skin. For me, the simplicity of Sexy. "

For Priyanka Chopra, sensuality, depends on many things, not only looks like and what you wear. It depends on your body language, and also how to behave.

E 'absolutely full of personality. It' one thing in mind, I guess. Genitals true, my friends, this is really the brain, is a DNA Priyanka as they say.
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