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Ever wondered what Bollywood stars look like without all the make-up and glam. Shriya Saran is called one of the oomphiest in Bollywood not without a reason. The tinsel town has always kept up the trend of actresses having shower in their skimpy clothes.

Cool Pic offers latest Hot pictures and Wallpapers of Bollywood Actresses, Celebrities, Models, Dancers and Filmstars. She was in Red Net Tran sparentSaree that too in a sleevless blouse. Started kissing at public place. Otherwise how her nipple impressions would have come on top.

She is completely wet and her nipple shapes are quite clearly visible through her dress. Akshay Kumar squeezing and taking out milk out of Boobs while Katrina Kaif in jeans and boot just standing and staring at it. Even with full clothes she looks hot but when found her backless pics then i couldn't resist myself from posting the pics here. Perizaad Kohla Looking Red HOT in Backless Dress 2007-10-13 08:00:00 I just came across with series of pics of Perizaad Kohl a in backless red dress. Dressed in white mini frock with exposrue of her cleavage, Bipasha Basu is looking just like a charming doll. Bipasha Basu Exposing Cleavage in White Mini Frock : Cosmopolitan Magazine 2007-10-14 15:19:00 Bipasha is the cover girl for CosmopolitanMagazine October issue for Bipasha has been given completely a new look. It clearly revelas that Vidya Maldave is forcing the guy to press her boobs. Saif Ali Khan is Dating Kareena Kapoor finally Confirmed 2007-10-19 14:23:00 So, Saif finally clears all the questionmarks that were put up against his relations with Kareena and said it to NDTV that he has been dating her. Celina Jaitley Showing Her Side BOOBS 2007-10-20 13:15:00 Wow..we have all scene Celina Jaitley exposing her huge cleavage along with her boobs but this time we have got chance to see her side boobs. Katrina Kaif in Transparent T-Shirt Showing Her Inside Beauty 2007-10-21 10:13:00 Katrina Kaif was seen at Lakme Fashion Week in transparent T-Shirt and all her inside black bra and big deep cleavage was clearly visible.

you watching it carefully u'll be able to see the nipple impressions of her right boob. For the time being theser are enough to enjoy. Nice going Malaika, next time we would be expecting more from you. And why not when both are enjoying good time in their career. And another thing I suspect is that she has is not wearing bra inside while give these hot poses. Seeing these pics make me feel that after marriage she has developed nice n tight curves.

Here are few pics of the hotties present at the function. Its a high resolution pic. Good thing about this pic is that it exposes everything what you could have seen if Katrina Kaif was caught wearing panty. Katrina looking just amazing in red swimsuit showing off her her full legs and thighs.

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