The scenes of Bollywood &hot-blackplanet

The scenes of Bollywood &hot-blackplanet
1 - Bipasha Basu Jism fact modern evocation of Zeenat Aman. If you saw the movie, you can not, do not know why (this is one of the few highlights of this film). When Bipasha, every curve and femininity emerge from the water like an Indian Aphrodite, the quality of work we have in the world of cinematic beauty (purists will remember this scene comes close with just a scene from Qurbani Zeenat Aman). His love scene with her boyfriend in town, John Abraham, was listed as one of the hottest scenes of the film by a British poll. The song "Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai 'is its considée as an image of being the most recent years sulfur.

Mohra: Raveena Tandon delivers a dance in the rain in the memorable song "Tip Tip Barsa Paani. She seduces the hero of the film and the audience. Sari is translucent yellow and leaves us quivering with emotion.

3 - Goal: Madhuri Dixit was the Dhak Dhak Girl in India, after her dance number in the song "Dhak dhak karne Laga. Madhuri, voluptuous temptress, praised the passion and eroticism in his every move. This song marks the beginning of the dance "erotic" Indian. More so than a blackout in New York to increase the birth rate (but a true tantalized or individual).

Sagar: "Jaane do na" is a song in which extremely sensual Dimple Kapadia has more attention in his red sari scene in which sulfur on the beach, she dropped the towel to her dress.
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