Bollywood& Hollywood monitoring-blackplanet

Bollywood& Hollywood monitoring-blackplanet

Can not stand looking calm Bollywood (Indian film capital) across the course to copy the work of his famous film, recently, large Studio XX Century Fox film capital of America has just Hollywood claim Airlines Indian film for BR Films has released the movie "The young do not know fear."

The Hollywood has determined that the plot of this movie like the Academy Award-winning American "Vinny - My cousin" was filmed in 1992. Specifically, the company operates XX Centure Fox BR Films has put the courts in Mumbai and demanded compensation of 70 million rupees (equivalent to 1.9 million). The reason the lawsuit was the movie "The young do not know fear" has made an illegally from work "Vinny - my cousin. The Indian cinema has to admit his misconduct.
 Indian actor Aamir Khan starred in film
However, since not want to put the story out before the dock, BR Films colleagues proposed U.S. resolution of the measure by "peace", and declared ready to pay a compensation 200,000.

Action willing to pay compensation of BR Films very easy to understand - This mission allowed them to film the release and reap an amount not less. However, for the cinema of Hollywood, it is creating a dangerous precedent, precedent does not allow use of different scenarios and simulate a bluff of cinematographic works, Starting from "The Godfather" and ending with "Seven brides for seven brothers".

Currently also a Bollywood film studios more of: Zee Telefilms, confirmed that several episodes of television series "time bomb" of them not related to film several episodes of the famous Hollywood "24 hours", and the as the airline is ready to prove it before the law. But Fox's lawyers claim was stabbed.

Must say that before in Hollywood people are not aware to the Director movie. On the one hand, this phenomenon is not common to the hyped up for the service of soy-stretch-knit international, and on the other hand, the third time he Bollywood movies too poor to be able to court with them.

But the situation began to change late last century with the invention of digital cinema. If filmmakers before India can be easy satisfied with the simple plot, which conditions it is mainly plenty of music, dance and color, along with improving the living and the appearance of nearly 300 million middle-class audience, who began demanding Indian films have plot true. As a result, the film director services increased rapidly, and now has nearly 150 films list reproduced.

In a interview posted in the London Times newspaper, Mr Lall said: "Previously only comments Bollywood to form outside of the plot, also the choice of actors and not make the main content one special interest. However, in recent years, the public became more hard. At present they need new stories.

Are the most popular adventure film about the life of the western states - North America during the last century. For example, last year, film "Ghajini" by actor Aamir Khan as the main player became the first Bollywood film grossed over one billion rupees (approximately 20 million dollars) in India. Any American when I see this film is easily realized that just before their eyes is a copy of the movie "Remember" was introduced to the Cancer War "Oscar" nominated in 2002 in "excellent scenario one.

Film critic known in India Taran Sahib Adarsh said: "Currently, stealing ideas will face many difficulties by Hollywood Bollywood start tracking very close"
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