Shahrukh Khan detention in the U.S. - what's the big deal?-blackplanet

Shahrukh Khan detention in the U.S. - what's the big deal?-blackplanet
What is this, I'm sure you already know that Shah Rukh Khan, Indian actor and icon, superstar, Newark Liberty International Airport were arrested in the United States. India 63 was the American star is a part of the festivities to celebrate Independence Day.

Billions of fans and supporters of the SRS in the world, condemning the measure, as has been all over this, but only partially. There is no doubt that the officials of the United States do not take the required control on the media, and 2 hours south in custody after the test origin of primary elections and the Muslim identity of the person examined.

11 After 9 /, the United States carried out its internal security is a priority, and this cause. If the SRS was closed during the investigation of primary access to the United States to a foreign, is completely unfounded. As I said before, the secondary inspection, which are no longer able. With this in mind, the United States and other countries that are in full control of all foreigners entering the orientation in your area for what is right. Security can not and must not impair in any way, manner. Then we say that just because SRS'm completely against it, he is not completely closed.

The Americans, this is only a visitor in your country as anjelina Jolie, maybe people are masters in India. However, the security situation, not a real desire to improve the situation, anjelina Jolie is clear that, given a test before going to India, because without anjelina, and since this will be an American. And if the fact that passengers that America is one of the tests, you can not know why the terrorist attacks against the United States because it was not 9 / 11 At least you are serious about the job, without compromising Americans living . Time, of course, have to learn from India.

What are the key issues that I write this.

* Average SRS reaction in jail
* SRS and the government's response to prison
* SRS against incidents of prison. Dr. Abdul Kalam episodes Research
.................................................. ......................

SRS detentions average answer - 63 if India is celebrating Independence Day (August 15, 2009) Day, Dr. Manmohan Singh in his speech, instead of the appropriate weight, as well as other information about the day of independence, the Indian media, The SRS appears Detention homes during the day. SRS is more important than Independence Day? And 'most important prime minister? He is certainly strong, and one of the most important people in India today, but not beyond the prime minister or the Independence Day celebrations. At least there is no doubt, as the news of the air base in the United States, is a Muslim, of course, something as important as our Independence Day is not.

My blood boiled when I hear the TV in the morning, that our Prime Minister said swithced 63 on the eve of Independence Day, it must be repeated over and over again, but the only thing that showed "Breaking news event SRS" the end of everything and do not want, and nourishes.

Not only the news, but the print media (online version), which is given more weight, and seemed involved in episodes of SRS custody. The screenshot or India News website, which is full of SRS Times, and add a little 'to the end of the year, as our Prime Minister said in his speech the issue of Kashmir annexed See id. Comic Coverage is irrelevant.

Educated people "know" the youth in India to know why the name of his wife SRS for several reasons, but has not our president, because of the media and our so-called role of the judiciary and how to create it. And then someone says that the interests of India in the media that the country's next generation of management. This is good for the whole TRP.

The government's response to SRS in prison - that surprised me most !!!.. He responded more to the media. SRS detentions during the news channels now, the situation has begun to have a government and officials have already begun steps, and was known for his thoughts. The case of transfer was initiated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States with the obstruction SRS. It 'really good. Now .. Read the information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni, the media, during which the service is downloaded in its application, evil, and how ..... shit

"I think the way we like, and I Frisk, Friske what is one of them."

First, the right to the facts. President of the United States of America, East, in addition to everyone - managers and directors of the members of the United States government cabinet are not exempt from security screening to be president. Former Vice President and must be tested for air bases. Case, and the Times of India report

"The former Vice President Al Gore has seen more than once. In a recent case, an airline employee, who helped Gore in Nashville and beaten to evade airport security checks once again, that he and his ex-Veep happily without too many "must pass through security

Someone tell me that no one is stopping India inspections outside the United States and the former presidents, or former Vice President to see if they come here. Only India, which still does not. India is a good and what, if also self - centered and selfish shame, as the leader Ambika Soni said in the oven "is like Friske, for example, if you do, you need to do." If you read between the lines and analyzing the statement a bit ', you know, this statement is not supported by the SRS, but his ego and importance. SRS was the only example of the use case comes out.

Finally, the most important pieces.

SRS vs. incidents of prison. Dr. Abdul Kalam episodes of research - yes, the media came out strong love of former President Dr. Abdul Kalam, New Delhi's international airport searches against Continental Airlines. And thanks to God who is not!

But for us it was the government? - It 'still true that the failure of 2 months after the episode takes place in "test" orders, even if it is noticed that a lot of people know the airport before his admission. Straight to the outgoing president, who said that the test report does not include any airport in India to search for any order of an investigation by the United States government has issued a case under SRS. What is completely crazy? It Filmstar in the state, but only to examine the declaration and "apologized to the man in the armed forces, when the state was only unrepentant, and the supreme commander of the" Take a plane of the foreign country as the major fund questionning stupid mistake and the Government of India. loans only, ignoring the most popular and most important, the president of India.

Continental Airlines has apologized, but also to demonstrate what he said was "the usual security procedures, and airline specific provisions VVIP or VIP. And that means that as land rights are not respected?" At least say what can we conclude. Yes, it is more appropriate licenses from India and Continental Airlines canceled without discussion. But the government has not done anything. (Dr. Kalam, took off his shoes and went to examine the entire body!)

I wonder if the American or Russian or Chinese, if that special treatment for foreign airlines in India have been the former president will be.

And 'very evil and feelings of anger, sadness, and we have a lot of it, and rejected the rule. Knowledge and is expected to mind.
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