Movie interview: Shilpa Shetty-blackplanet

I have great respect and recognition of international news " Shilpa Shetty has become larger and more fascinating than ever, after the admiration which he received in Big Brother UK. Today, the number of Bigg Boss, laughing all the way to the bank. "I never stopped, he says, laughing." And 'good host. I want to be very different from a normal television host. Skuespiller jeg er, og jeg kommer til messen. I want my audience to be curious of all, I am so Did you get a hand to get Jade in the house? Nej, jeg er ikke bestemt. But I could say "No" to the string. They were afraid to tell their participation, but I had no worries. I think forgive and move Ona € In fact, I owe to him. I did what I had in the United Kingdom. You have truly forgiven? Undoubtedly. I was very surprised to hear of his illness and seek help. So Shilpa has changed? Yes, attitudes have changed towards me. People expect more from me, and I know I'm not only here but also abroad. Because of charm. I want people to speculate on what I should next. He said the television audience. Yoga DVD is about? Yes, I learned Ashtanga yoga especially for DVD and has been isolated from life. I learned so many things that I share. I think everyone should practice. Yoga is my goal when I was in the house of Big Brother. I do yoga and meditate on why nothing could be settled there. No training materials or equipment, thus helped to maintain my size. We have learned that were in line with some of the projects in Hollywood. I can not say right now. But I have some photos here and start my own production in early 2009. Thus life is like a doctor right?
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