Akshay Kumar is a great aura around him: Mandira Bedi-blackplanet

Akshay Kumar is a great aura around him: Mandira Bedi-blackplanet
New Delhi, the actor and TV host Mandira Bedi says he has experience opportunities "wonderful aura" about Akshay Kumar, although Superstar Bollywood filming in South Africa ahead of the reality adventure show "Khatron Khiladi KE Level 2.

"E '(Akshay) a large halo on him. It should not be used silence is deadly when he entered the jokes and you can work with us at the end of the day, we had him we have," Mandira told IANS in an interview.

Questo esercizio verrà visualizzato Daredevil rallenta lo spettacolo. Akshay said that at present very encouraging.

"When I saw the first season of the show, I felt that the choice could be better than him. I liked the humor, I liked his way of handling situations, as he inspired the participants. I t E ' successful experience.

Will be "Do you feel Humor Quirky, but it was very exciting, of encouragement. Itself is very slow and is inherently very strong. Even when you see only improve - in the sense that it is 'very exciting. I want so much since' s I tried, "he said.

It "KE Khatron Khiladi 'the Indian version of the internationally popular show" Fear Factor. " "It requires participants to make a series of dangerous tasks, and makes them go all out with cash prizes.

Mandira, who has bagged the title of the first AXN Fear Factor India ", says the winner contacted the producers' Khatron Khiladi KE.

"During the display of the season, used to ask myself: Why I am not in this show?. Measurement thing at the moment, but I wanted to be part of it. For the second season, it happened, I asked Endemol (the producers) and said that my dates free.

"I was probably crazy, but it must be asked and said: Give me some 'of this show. I think it's great, but to be able to do something you are prepared for any situation in the future," she said.

The show has helped to understand that the greatest fear in life.

"He realized that my biggest fear right before - this is more of a fear of height, more than the fear of water and more afraid of creepy crawlies, small animals, I want. And that's what drove me without delay "he said.

Task was heard Mandira bit 'difficult to manage, but it is not good.

For the first task to be a breathing hole in that box there, and has been closed. Clips were in a nose, gave me his glasses and gave me ear plugs and then thrown in his face, Madagascar hissing cockroaches - they were the size of my finger.

It 'was very bad. It came psss ... psss .. psss. He felt very bad. We had to try to get out after a long process. It was probably three to four minutes felt like a time. I did the job, because he was sure to come down on this request, but do not cry, "he said.

Mandira will contend with beauties like Sushma Reddy, Carol Gracias, Shonali Nagrania, Shveta crying and Anushka Manchanda, among other things, the first performance in this September 7 in color 9
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