Telugu Actress Tamanna Says No to Kiss - Hot Tollywood Actress Tamanna Refused for Kissing Scene-blackplanet

Telugu Actress Tamanna Says No to Kiss - Hot Tollywood Actress Tamanna Refused for Kissing Scene-blackplanet
by:manoj kumar behera
Tamanna is surely gilded in the glory of its hard gained success. The happy days practically opened luminous and shone upon days success for the actress. With an eye on Bollywood, the actress took the good steps of cinema industries in Telugu and Tamoul. Although it arranged for a fifth position in popularity draws up a chart, with Nayantara with the bar, the actress has a strategy defined in the spirit. No wonder which it diplomatically moulded the manner the meter of popularity just as, play of number is constant.

The young beauty Tamanna is the hottest heroine in the industry today. Tamanna’s career zoomed after the film Happy Days. Telugu Actress Tamanna is now equally busy both in Tamil as well as Telugu.

Tamanna is a young and very good looking and is at ease in doing glamour roles. However Actress Tamanna is also very clear about her career in films. Tamanna says that while she is game for doing roles that require her to wear trendy outfits Actress Tamanna is however not ready to strip and expose.

Tamanna is also not ready to do kissing scenes in films. Actress Tamanna recently refused to enact a kissing scene in the Tamil remake of the Hindi film Jab We Met. Tamanna doesn’t want to act in any scene that she would find it embarrassing to watch with her family!

Tamanna says that how can she watch a film with her family members if she has done some steamy scenes in her film? She is even ready to forego some lucrative offers but is not ready to let go of her principles.

Slowly but firmly consolidating its position it is supposed to be the face of the cinema in next days at least in the south. With the higher banners of class and the popular heroes of the day to divide the screen with it like Surya in Ayan, Dhanush in Padikkathavan and Bharat in the Tamoul remake of the blow which we met, it has surely a length
Nayantara 's going out of Lingusamy of film of Paiya of S made titles. The reason which citied is that Nayantara 'request for S to be paid more crore were not well matched with the producers particularly because several of the actress 'of films of S recently did not make well with the case.
After the lightning strike, one announces that Lingusamy approached Tamanna and reported of history Paiya thoroughly. Tamanna supposedly would be paid approximately half of what Nayantara had required and the business was completed. Karthi which made with waves Paruthiveeran will be the hero of this film.
After Nayantara decided to go out of Paiya directed by Lingusamy, much of actresses tried to take the hot seat.

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