Indian Dress And Jewelry – A Reflection Of Inidan Culture-blackplanet

Indian Dress And Jewelry – A Reflection Of Inidan Culture-blackplanet
By: Hemant Jain

India is a vast nation with different cultures and traditions that change in every few miles. This culture and tradition is reflected in Indian dresses, Indian footwear and Indian jewelry. The traditional dresses for women in India can be described in a nutshell as sari, salwar kameez and also ghagra cholis or lahengas. The latest hip hop fashion clothing has also caught on with the youth of the country leading to the amalgamation of the western outfits and ethnic Indian dresses.

Sari is the most traditional dress for Indian women. There are many varieties of sarees available in the market today. There is Kota sari that originates from Rajasthan, Masuria which is a specialty of Mysore, Lugade manufactured largely in Maharatra, Benarasi sari which is one the lavish saris around and is one of the most high costing forms of traditional dress. To go with these there are various other local or regional forms of sarees but their popularity is not as high as the above mentioned ones.

There are many types of matching ethnic jewelry that go with these dresses. Indian jewelry covers basically every part of the body from head to toe. There are varieties of necklaces, earrings, bracelets that are a specialty of the sub-continent. Right from the ‘tika’ on the forehead to nose rings and anklets for the toe, there are all types of finest fitting jewelry available. These Indian jewelries are found in various makes such as gold, silver, stones, etc. There are jewelries that signify a special thing such as the Mangalsutra, which denotes married Indian women. Kada which are thick gold encrusted bangles are usually worn by middle aged women.

With the popularity of the Indian film industry among the common masses the Bollywood fashion trends are catching up fast with Indian women as well. There is a shift in the trends of fashion seen on today’s date. There are numerous designers working everyday to make the actresses in Bollywood look like divas. And when a film becomes a blockbuster it usually gets many followers wanting the same kind of dress as their beloved actress has worn. When Kareena Kapoor starring in Chameli hit the screens the saris worn by the actress became highly popular among Bollywood sarees. Other films such as Devdas, Main Hoon Na and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam also set the world of Indian fashion on fire.

To chime with these gorgeous Indian dresses there are varieties of embroidered handbags, clutch pedal purses, wallets, and leather bags available in the market. Such items are found in places more than one. There are many stores that offer online ethnic fashion apparel such as Netherland Fashion. There are large varieties of bridal, wedding, party, festival and casual Indian fashion apparel found at this store. So adorn yourself with the best Indian dresses!

Mode Indien is one the most prominent names in the Indian fashion scenario. They have one of the largest collections of dress items available online. With their years of experience they have recognized just what people want to wear whether it is a formal or an informal occasion.

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