Handwriting Analysis Of Kareena Kapoor-blackplanet

Handwriting Analysis Of Kareena Kapoor-blackplanet
By: Farida H B

The World of HandwritingKareena Kapoor

Kareena’s handwritings tell’s us that she has emotions but won’t express them easily. When she has to make a decision chances are that emotional appeal will melt her heart, but ultimately judgment will prevail and she will evaluate the facts before making her decision.

Her handwriting tell’s us that she is a very optimistic person and looks on the bright side of every situation. Studies of successful people in all types of careers show that ohandwriting of kareena kapoorver 90% of them have this trait. (Baseline that goes uphill till the last letter). It means a person who has healthy mental energy a

nd someone who wants to stay busy, active, and constantly on the go, involved in many activities simultaneously.

Her writing revels that once she has made up her mind, she will not want to change it for any reason and even if she were wrong she won’t admit it to anyone. Also she dislikes being told what to do.

She is a person who will get bored easily and want’s variety in life. Her physical drives are very strong and deep providing lots of energy.

She has leadership qualities and relies on herself in times of difficulties. When you look at her writing, you will see that her signature is slightly smaller than her writing. This means that as a person has more confidence in themselves than when they are in public. (Remember signature is a badge that we show to the world). Also looking at the sample available we cannot ignore the fact that there wasn’t much space available for the writer.

Handwriting tip: your signature should always be slightly larger than the writing.


Farida H B

Farida H B is handwriting analyst and grapho analytical therapist. You may contact her on theworldofhandwriting@gmail.com

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