Billa Nayantara is a cult figure in Kerala-blackplanet

Billa Nayantara is a cult figure in Kerala-blackplanet
Nayantara Nayan Tara

Nayanthara is hot as the Malayalam superstars Mammootty and Mohanlal in Kerala. All her Telugu films dubbed into Malayalam like Lakshmi, Boss, Yogi, Dubai Seenu, etc. have been purchased at prices cast proves hits! Her Tamil Billa became the first film to collect part Ajit a distributor of over Rs 1 crore from Kerala!

In fact, the bathing suit again Bill is the hottest pin-up girls in bars, cafes, restaurants, etc. Billa has become a cult figure in Kerala. Their next release Yaaradi Nee Mogina was sold for Rs 42 lakh, the highest ever paid for a film Dhanusha in Kerala.

After the huge budget of Rs 4 crore Mohanlal Flash badly bombed at the box office Tommichan Mulakkupadam NRI Kerala and a producer of the film has broken up with Satyam Vishal and Nayanthara huge Rs 60 lakhs! Glamor Mulakkupadam think Nayan and Vishal Harris Jayaraj music is thoughtless action is better than investing in a Mohanlal film!

NayantaranayantaraLast Mulakkupadam week was in Chennai trying to pay a deposit and confirm Aegan starring Ajit-Nayan, for whom is willing to pay the RS 1 crore in Kerala. The trade in Kerala, considered the most successful double Telugu Nayanthara film or buy a Tamil film, instead of doing a Malayalam film flies!

This Easter (March 21), weekend-dubbed version of Thulasi Nayanthara published in Kerala, with a record 35 prints! Is issued as a great Malayalam film with cut and vinyl siding in Kerala. Sexy Posters (certainly not Thulasi, an artist of the family) of hot water and passes the actress has hit the state.

E 'result in two Malayalam films with small stars that are postponed to a later date, why not make a Nayanthara film which according to the trade "have opened up better!

Meanwhile there is tremendous pressure on Nayanthara to do with the Malayalam film superstar. The girl who is intelligent, Nayan has done a special dance Twenty: 20, produced by the powerful Association of Malayalam Actors (AMMA) without whose support their films can not be executed in Kerala.
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