Telugu Actress Siya-blackplanet

Telugu Actress Siya-blackplanet
Some months ago, a Telugu movie was released starring Ravi Teja and a newcomer actress Siya. The film was titled "Neninthe". Due to the presence of superstar Ravi Teja, the movie had generated much hype. But unfortunately, the flick was a dud at box office.

The reason was for the failure of "Neninthe" was its weak storyline and amateur performances of the actors. The movie sank without a trace. But one thing that people noticed was its sexy actress Siya. Siya was at her glamorous best in the movie. Although she did not exposed too much, Siya wowed the audience in some songs. What caught the fantasy of people was her sexy deep navel. The actress appeared in the hot songs wearing saree below navel. In fact, she donned saree so much below her navel that her whole fleshy belly was visible. People went mad over her songs.

After that movie, Siya did not appeared in any movie. The latest buzz is that she has gone for a nose job as many have commented that if she had a good nose, she would be one of the most sought after glamorous heroines in Telugu circuit given her voluptuous sex appeal.

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