99 Movie Review, A Runaway Hit-blackplanet

99 Movie Review, A Runaway Hit-blackplanet

by DesiTime

'99' is believed to be Bollywood's highest grossing movie this summer and rightly so. The movie starts off with a note claiming that it's based on a true story. Sure the infamous match-fixing scandal that shook the cricketing world in 1999 is captured. '99' finds a way to connect a bunch of interesting characters to that episode, which can or cannot be true. Now let's get to the foreground of things. Sachin(Kunal Khemu) and Zaramud(Cyrus Broacha) are two small time crooks and childhood buddies who deal in the duplicate SIM card business in Mumbai. One day their whereabouts are discovered by the police and a chase follows which leads to the duo crashing a Benz they stole. They manage to escape only to be caught by the car's owner AGM(Mahesh Manjrekar), a big-time bookie and money-lender. Sachin and Zaramud are forced to work for AGM as they can't pay for the car losses.

It is while they are on their new job of getting people to pay up(by physical means if necessary), that the story unfolds and they come in contact with another central character - Rahul(Boman Irani) in Delhi. The duo must extract from Rahul a certain amount owed to AGM, just one of his many pending debts. To reveal more would take away most of the charm. '99' is basically a comedy with a thriller backdrop. It does slow down at a few instances but overall offers great entertainment. It has a lot of urban jokes and street comedy which go spot on with the producers' target audience - the multiplexes. You never really take the film too seriously despite how serious the circumstances are and the cast have to be thanked for that. Funnily '99' could have been directed just like 'Johnny Gaddar' and taken a sombre tone.

Now to the acting performances. Kunal Khemu fits his role perfectly as the dreamy young casual guy with a good heart. His screen presence is good and it almost seemed like he was playing himself. Did anyone else notice that he looked 99.99% like footballer Christiano Ronaldo? His partner Cyrus Broacha wasn't quite as effective surprisingly. There were a few odd laughs but we don't get to see the vintage Cyrus of 'Bakra' or 'The Week that wasn't'. He is way beyond playing the fat chum who's constantly eating and keeps getting called 'saand' all the time. Was he trying too hard or weren't his lines good enough? We don't know. Boman Irani does what's required of him, as usual. Soha Ali Khan doesn't have to do much but they found a way to fit her in. We would have liked to see more! She has a way of looking so easy in every frame she's in and is one of the rare Bollywood actresses at present who commands respect. Khan plays Sachin's love interest but that never really comes in the way of things. It's more of a friendship. Vinod Khanna appears for exactly 6 minutes and 32 seconds and does just fine. The real show stealer, it has to be said was Mahesh Manjrekar. You laugh every time he opens his mouth. He plays the uneducated but experienced Mumbaikar dada with great conviction. Watch out for the parts where he's taking a dig at his own henchmen, real treat. '99' offers you great value for money so go check it out with your friends to have some real fun. We'd like to think '99' as sort-of-similar to last year's 'Jannat' but way funnier and 10 times better.

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