The Millionaire from Slumdog - Freida Pinto-blackplanet

The Millionaire from Slumdog - Freida Pinto-blackplanet

If Slumdog Millionaire was a huge surprise for the world of Oscars, Freida Pinto, the main actress in the super hit movie, has been the most surprising find of the movie. Born October 18, 1984 is one of the hottest up-coming Indian actresses in circuits. Though she is best known for her performance in her debut film Slumdog Millionaire, she has modeled for about four years now. Freida is this sultry, not-so-white, not-so-dark, tall, slim, and gorgeous girl that comes across as a very homely next-door gal in Slumdog.
The 24-year-old simple "Latika" (her character in Slumdog) waves her magic in several costly ads in India - but it is her movie scene that seems to have wielded wonders. This Cinderella girl portrays a slum dwelling citizen who is treated very badly by world as she grows up only to meet her true love, at the end of movie, at a railway station - the location most probably signifying a typical meeting place for long-lost souls. Freida adds a very sophisticated touch to the movie keeping the context relevant all the times - no known or rich face could have done that. She is a central character in the movie. No wonder the movie has propelled her to a new hall of fame. Freida and Dev Patel, star Slumdog, are rumored to have a relationship going.
Not that unusual awards have not come through either in the limelight of the usual suspects. Take a guess! She won the Best Kiss at MTV Movie Awards 2009 for Slumdog Millionaire. Now, that's a good one! There has not been any stopping for the beauty since the debut work got Academy Award. Offers are pouring in from all sides. Pinto has been cast in Woody Allen's next film set in London. Recently it was heard that Pinto was to become the new 'face' of L'Oréal. This is in spite of rumors that she was due to sign a "six figure deal" with competitor Estee Lauder. Freida has been roped in to star in Oscar winner Julian Schnabel's new film 'Miral' - the film is being shot in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Rumor mill has it that she is the next bond girl. No confirmed news exists but there have not been any denials from any quarters. She has been learning Arabic for one of her roles. Now, given the hullabaloo about unrest in Arabic side of the world, it would not surprise if 007 lands in the Arab world only to find another "spy" in this beauty! Wow, let me get a ticket to the first show!
In FHM (UK)'s May issue, where she was named the tenth sexiest woman of 2009! Ms. Pinto is featured in the June issue of Maxim magazine - one of the top mags in relevant circles! Some of the reputed magazines where the star has featured are Cosmopolitan (Chile, India, Mexico, Spain), Elle (US), Entertainment Weekly (US), Giant (US), People (US) Special Oscar issue, Vanity Fair (US), and Vogue (India).
At 5 feet 8 inches of height, the face exudes a look fit to die for. Not bedazzling any expensive looks is one of her strengths because that's where actor's emotions and expressions meet with that of audience -and silver screen turns golden. The lady has obvious acting panache and combined with her sensible dialog delivery and proven mettle, she is bound for heights uncommon for an Indian actress. She reveals a sophisticated philosophy in her statement to Blackbook, "The beauty of life is that it takes turns that are sometimes bigger than your wildest dreams."
Whether she goes on to break the barrier of going from Bollywood to Hollywood as a leading lady in major projects is yet to be seen but do not tell I did not warn you about this young Indian lady if she haunts in your dreams. You go girl!
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