Biography Of Ashwarya Rai

Biography Of Ashwarya Rai
by Nisha Sharma

This Green-Grey eye beauty is one of the India's most beautiful women we have ever had in this centaury. Why to restrict the influence of her beauty to India only? She is one of the world's most beautiful women.

She is the real cross world actress of Bollywood who has made a name and identity in the Hollywood.In a sense Ashwarya Rai is the truly global Indian and she has given the actual recognition to the Bollywood in the western world. Before her no Indian actress was so popular in the Western World.

The reach of the Indian star was generally restricted to the South Asia, Central Asia and to the Middle East. But when this woman won the title of the Miss World in 1994, she was immediately shot to fame for her ravishing beauty. In the Miss World competition she won the title of the Miss Photogenic also.

When she was in the Sun City, South Africa, she became the instant hit with the local population and the judges. They were virtually charmed by her beauty, her attitude and intelligence.This is not all, the diction and the flair of the English language put her at par with the beauties from United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, countries where the English is the first language. She has been voted for the most beautiful Miss World ever in the history of the competition. No doubt that Ashwarya is the one of the most beautiful women in the earth

In the Miss India Contest, when she was competing for the title many of the aspirant in the year 1994 withdraw there name as they felt that it is fruitless to compete against Ashwarya Rai. Before her participation she has been a famous model in the country and known to everybody in the fashion industry of India.

However, in the competition Sushmita Sen was crowned Miss India Universe and Ashwarya came as the Runners Up. In-spite of her chagrin, Ashwarya didn't lose hope. She prepared very hard for the Miss World title and in the same year she won the Miss World title. That has been a stupendous year for the beauties of India as the Miss Universe Title was won by Sushmita Sen. Ashwarya was only 21 year old when she had won the title of Miss World in Sun city, South Africa.

How this star was rise in the Indian fashion and film Industry? Well Rai was the student of architecture in Mumbai and she was doing the modeling as the part time job. She was shot to fame with her debut in the Pepsi commercial as the "Sanjana". This commercial opened up the many endorsement deal for her and soon she became a luminary personality in the Indian fashion Industry.

This fame had opened the gateway for the film industry to this girl. But that time she was more interested in pursuing her architect course and she rejected the offer of the film wherein she was being offered the leading role.

But then she had the stars in her favour and suddenly the Miss India World title happened to her. So, then lots of other opportunities opened up in her life.However, her debut in the film industry happened with the Mani Ratnam's "Iruvar" in 1997.

This movie received the critical acclaim. Then in the same year she debuted in the Hindi film industry with "Aur Pyar Ho Gaya". This movie was the cropper crash at the Box Office. But she managed to get the Best Female Debutante Award of the Filmfare.

When Ashwarya started acting in the Hindi films she was criticized for her acting skills. It was mentioned by the critics that she may be having the beautiful face but her acting skills are very cold and her face remains almost wooden while acting. This has been very hard comment for this beautiful girl. But she took all these criticism in her stride and continued acting in the film

She came back with her thumping histrionics in one of the Bollywood's famous director Sanjay Leela Bhansali's movie "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam". Her critical acting skills in the movie had silent her all critics and this has helped her to hold her feet firmly in the Bollywood. Because of her perfect acting in the movie she won the Best Actress Award in the Filmfare function and Zee Cine Award.

Since then her acting graph has been increasing and improving and with every new movie she is improving her acting skills. She may be one of the most beautiful women in the world but I think it would be too early for me to comment that acting has been her forte. Acting may be her career but she has yet to reach the pinnacle of the histrionics. But then we just have to give her time some so that she would able to get time to hone her acting skills.

It was her desire to act in the crossover film. Though, she has been denying this in front of the media. But stars again favor's her and she got the chance to act in her first English Movie of Gurinder Chadda based on the Novel of Jane Austin. The movie was named as the "Bride and Prejudice". One of the foremost demands of the Hollywood movie was to give some onscreen passionate smooching scene. But she refused to give the scene and because of which she lost a chance to act in the James Bond flick. The other factor which goes against her that she made it clear that the nude scene's in the film would be done by her body double. These demand almost ended her chance to be there in the Hollywood action movie.

However, now she has ended her aversions to kissing and giving some intimate scene in the films. Ashwarya in her latest Bollywood film "Dhoom-2" has given some lip-lock scene and this has earned her the rave review for her bold initiatives, though it has irked her boyfriend and his family.

In the Bollywood she has been linked up with Salman Khan, Viveik Oberai and now with the Abhishek Bacchaan. Who know that may be soon she enters into the holy alliance of matrimony with Abhishek. But it may be deliberated stunt to give publicity to her films with Abhishek like "Umrao Jaan" and others in the pipeline

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