Near Death Experience Of Riya Sen

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Riya Sen when shooting in Guwahati for a show had a real death experience in an accident on the sets of Shaadi No.1.
The team was shooting in France where Riya's scene required some hooligan French bikers to circle around and eve tease her. After the shot, the actress who was dressed in a backless walked over to the monitor to watch her take. At this point, according to Riya, one of the bikers who was acting fresh with her started riding in her direction while performing a stunt. But for a second the man lost control and rammed into the petite actress. Luckily for Riya, her impulse was quick enough and she turned her face away to avoid injuring it. Though, the jolt from the bike was hard enough to render her unconscious and she fell to the ground. She was immediately rushed to a government hospital where she woke up with a throbbing headache and a bruised back.

The funny thing is that Riya recalls that three cute guys who were supposedly hitting on her took her to the hospital. One wonders what happened to the cast and crew of the film who were on the sets when the accident happened.

The bottom line though, is that someone did help and the brain scan Riya had to undergo showed no serious injuries. What was injured however is the camera of one of the men who stood around capturing the incident on video. He lost his grip and his roll made an exit. Later, Riya managed to get hold of a copy of the video. This will ensure that she won't forget the near death incident for at least another few years.

And for those people who think that Riya is a softie were absolutely wrong. Though her blood pressure had dropped the tough girl managed to go back to the sets and shoot her introductory scene.

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